From clothes to jewelry : a trip on the line of beauty

is one of those women who live several lives in one. Ready-to-wear designer, personal stylist, jewelry designer, she draws on her emotions to share her inner world with us. Chantal creates, manifests and shares.

Single Mom, responsible Mom, entrepreneurial Mom, Chantal felt guilty, she questioned herself. Am I a good or bad mother?
The many books perused offered only virtual answers. Who, What... Yourself.
Yukhan be the trigger for this adventure that has contribuated so much, and forever will.

At the same time, she follows different cursus in psychological and philosophical research.

STOP the guilt was the key input. To remember the well-being provided by this new information, she decided to write on post-it, notes, and sticking them on the walls of her apartment.
Then each morning, writing it on her hand to remember it at all times. This was how one day she made a medal engraved with STOP, YES, BLANK TAG, YES HEART, INFINITY.
INFINITY becomes her punch engraved on all her jewelry.
Self-revelation line was born. Today there are 13 proposals increased of a multitude of "jewelry information."
She try to manifest who She is.
Welcome to her Universe of fine jewelry, jewelry made ​​of gold and Consciousness, the reflection of who we are Together.
Group Consciousness , the germ of Fraternity becoming her way ...
Chantal Simard
Bijoux Chantal Simard Paris
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